we have taken many activities in order to create market linkages with GF farmers’s products which are produced by different producer groups from gross root level. We participated in sale-cum-exhibition event at different places in Bangalore. The program was organised by Infosys.

In addition to this, GREEN Foundation participated in another event which was organised by Mindtree at Global village, Bangalore on 13th&14th Aug-18. They organised an event 13th and 14th , August 2018.n collaboration with Mindtree, an outlet has been opened at the Mindtree Global Village Campus in Bangalore, which facilitates direct sale to Mindtree employees.

Intel IT company staff voluntaries are come forward to work on field for help with farmers totally 140 members were participated in this event. And they are Demonstrate SRI Paddy and Guli Ragi seedling transplantation and Vermicompost pit filling.

SRI Paddy transplantation
Guli Rgi Seedlings Transplantation