Producer Groups

Producer groups or rural entrepreneurship play a key role in shaping the rural economy, agriculture and overall rural development and pave a way for producers to overcome many constraints in agricultural production and marketing. The producer groups help producer achieve more than they could individually and help in collective production and marketing for their produces fetching premium price. Producer groups comprising of 10 -20 members in the initial stage were recommended, they are expected to manage their accounts through a bank account.

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Following process was followed during the formation of each formation groups:

  • Identification of members¬†DSC07347 resized
  • Feasibility study
  • Preparation of business plan
  • Orientation training for selected members
  • Formation of producer group
  • Finance arrangement
  • Training program on technical aspect
  • Procurement system
  • Establishment of production centre
  • Establishment of Processing and packing system
  • Marketing procedures
  • Maintenance of accounts

These producer groups will be supported by MKSP team and GREEN foundation in the initial couple of years and are expected to operate without any external support afterwards.