Sandhya Adhyayana

Sandhya Adhyayana                   An evening tutorials program aimed at improving children’s performance in the classroom, the Sandhya Adhyayana initiative is the first of its kind in GREEN’s history. Currently being implemented in Kanakapura and Chitradurga Districts, it arose out of a concern that many women farmers expressed of their own limited time and capacity to guide their children in school. Drudgery and physically intensive work marks the life of most women in Indian agriculture. Balancing farm chores with household duties takes up much of their time and energy during a day;  when the children return home from school, there is often little time available for supervising them. Sandhya Adhyayana addresses this challenge by providing a space for children to learn and engage their time productively.

Sandayadhyana   (4)

The program is being conducted in 10 villages of Kanakapura district and 18 villages of Chitradurga District through Mahila Sathis, empowered women community members trained by GREEN in teaching methodologies.