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Happening at GREEN Foundation

Sustainability in organic farming certification

Recently, GREEN hosted a farmers’ meet in Kanakapura, for community members seeking organic farming certification through the Participatory Guarantee System (PGS). The main aim of this exercise was to identify, through interaction with the community, strategies that...

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Food from your garden: ‘oota from thota’

A growing number of people in urban cities and towns are looking to adopt a healthier, better rounded lifestyle. Many are increasingly becoming aware of the benefits of organically grown produce and are enthusiastic about setting up kitchen gardens in their homes. The...

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Organic farming certification: PGS meet

The PGS Meet at Maralawadi Hobli, facilitated by GREEN on 25th August, aimed to raise awareness of organic farming certification in the project area, with the objective of increasing the number of certified farmers within the community. Certification is done through...

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