Research and Communication

Through research we are able to achieve our goal in sustainable agriculture, agro biodiversity conservation . We published our books in many topics few years back and are available here.

Dr. Salvatore has demonstrated the success in using hybrid seeds in vegetables and farmers have been able to realise good yields and varieties that were welcomed by consumers. Following these suggestions and experiences, the Foundation has been working in evolving new varieties through evolutionary plant breeding at one location, with a mix of local and hybrid varieties. The experiences will be shared with stakeholders in the coming seasons.

During the year, GREEN Foundation has undertaken many research projects related to value chains, local seed varieties and enterprises support. Some of the key projects are listed here:


  • Value chain analysis of millets, pulses and vegetables, to help develop strategies for B2B and B2C sales of Janadhanya Products
  • Enterprise assessments to understand the viability of the enterprise groups under the Janadhanya Producer company
  • Identification and listing of local and indigenous varieties of key crops (paddy, millets) in Gulbarga and Pudukkottai
  • Genetic finger printing of the indigenous finger millet varieties collected from Kanakapura, with the support of
    National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources, Indian Council of Agricultural Research