Community Resource Person Training

At GREEN we believe that a community-led approach is essential in bringing about any real transformation in the lives of women farmers. Therefore, we aim to build a strong knowledge base within the community by empowering interested individuals as Community Resource Persons (CRPs) through intensive training in sustainable agricultural practices and biodiversity conservation. One of the most important reasons for this strategy is that by equipping them with the exposure, technical skills and the necessary expertise, these empowered women farmers will be able to carry forward the message of sustainable agriculture long after intervention stops.

DSC01470 resizedUp to 200 participants have taken part in CRP training to date through the MKSP. Once trained, CRPs often form the first line of intervention, making up an essential link of the support system we build for farmers. As members of the community themselves who understand the challenges of their fellow farmers and neighbors, they form a strong link between GREEN and the women we reach out to, thereby enabling fast mobilization of intervention activities. Their easy understanding of local socio-cultural bonds also helps to establish ties amongst the farmers themselves and unite them towards a common goal of promoting sustainable agricultural practices.


Key roles and responsibilities of CRPs

– help women access various Government entitlements and schemescrp refresher training
– provide sound technical support and guidance for farmers who take up sustainable agriculture
– help in documentation of initiatives
– monitor progress within a community
– provide valuable feedback to GREEN

Selecting the CRPs

GREEN selects women CRPs who meet certain essential criteria, including:

– strong agricultural background
– minimum education and literacy skills
– strong rapport with the community
– good communication skills
– support from the family